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1.      What is the www.you-AD.com?  (go to top


It is an easy and secure website that private individuals and professionals can both place and search for different types of ads.



Which are the sections that the website’ services are focused on?  (go to top)      

      The website’s services are focused on:


  • Real estate (private property, parking area, land, professional property)
  • Property share (flatmates, professional-share)
  • Trading point (items, services)
  • Donations (items, services, money)


3.      What kind of ads can I post online? (go to top 

Ads related to:


  1. rent/ sale for real estate,
  2. room renting for flatmates,
  3. professional space rent,
  4. items & services  for rent, for sale and for barter
  5. items, services & money for donation defining whether these should be donated to an institute or to families (without the intervention of third parties).


4.      How long it takes to have my ads listed online? (go to top

Maximum 24 hours. From the moment of payment confirmation (if you have chosen some of the paid options) or from the moment of placing a free ad.


5.      How the website makes money? (go to top


From the ads presented at the banners and also from the income generated by the paid services.

The website does NOT have any hidden costs as commission for placing ads and this is demonstrated by the fact that the website is built in the way that the users can contact the ad owners directly without the intervention of our website.


6.      Is this website responsible for the content of all the ads online? (go to top


NO. As we specify in our terms of you, we are not responsible for any content (link, photos, videos, text etc) or anything posted by our users or advertised via the banners of the site. Please read our terms of use for more clarifications.


7.      Can I follow the www.you-AD.com to social networks like facebook and twitter? (go to top


Of course, this is a recommendation for you so that you follow us with our news and updates.


Twitter: @you_AD


8.      What is the partnership programme? (go to top


Since this website is new and we would like to build strong and trustworthy relations with our professional users, we thought that a fair approach would be to make some of them our privileged partners, which this practically means free placing of unlimited number of ads and showing of their logo on each of their ads.


Details about the services of the website-Advantages


9.      How can Ι make search at this website? (go to top

By using the simple search where you can choose some basic criteria for the section of interest (real estate, property to share, trading point, donations)


However, if you wish to specify your criteria of your search with more criteria then by clicking at the advanced search you fill in the criteria that interest you in order to focus your search on what really satisfies your needs.


In addition you have the option of searching with the use of maps by defining the radius of the area you are interested in.

10.  Which are precisely the services provided by the you-AD? (go to top

Everyone is able to place and search for ads related to:

(i)        Sale and rent of real estate

(ii)         Search of properties (private, parking area, land and professional) which are available for rent or sale

(iii)       Property-share for flatmates & colleagues for anyone who would like to find a place to share with someone else


(iv)        Search for property-share for anyone who has a place to share either as a housing or as a professional space.

(v)          Trading point, where everyone (private individuals or professionals) can post as many ads as they wish with the view to renting, selling and bartering items or services.

(vi)        Search of items/services that private or professional people offer by either renting or selling or bartering them

(vii)      Donations where people can post ads offering their items, services or even money to institutes and families that may need them.

(viii)    Search of institutes or families that they need some community aid either with items or services or money without the intervention of third parties. In addition you can specify to which country or city you wish your donation be addressed.


11.  What does it mean the function “Donations”? (go to top


With “Donations” you can place ads where you make your items or services or money available to institutes or families.


12.  Is there any fund behind the website that collects the money advertised for donations? (go to top


NO. There is not any fund that deals with the donations of the users. The website is a place 
where individuals (private or professionals) can demonstrate publicly their interest to do philanthropy by choosing the institutes or the families they believe that they fit their personal criteria.


This website is a bridge without any financial benefit between the donators and the institutes or families that have real need for aid without any interference with intermediate organizations or institutes.


13.  Can I refer to a specific type of institute? (go to top

YES. If a user wishes to place an ad for donation then he/she is able to give a specific category of the institute or/and the specific geographical location they wish to help or he/she can even specify the name of an institute.


      For donations to families the users who place ads, they can specify the location and give a full description of the families they wish to help so that they make their offer targeted.


14.  There are not many search items referring to items or services at Trading point and Donation, how can a user be specific at his/her searches? (go to top


This can happen very effectively at the search section where he/she can search very easily using keywords. If he/she types in the respective area keywords, it will auto-complete the entry based on the keywords that were introduced by the users who placed the ads for this section. When a “search keyword” is matched by an “ad’s keywords” or the text contained in an ad (title and description) then the website will suggest this ad to you.


15.  What if I am not satisfied by the search results? (go to top

In this case, you can save the search and make use of the sms/ email alert function of the website. So, every time there is a new ad that satisfies your saved search criteria then an email and/or sms alert will be sent to you.


16.  Are the different sections connected with each other? (go to top


Yes. Every time someone has completed a section such as real-estate or property share etc then the website prompts him/her whether this ad can be linked with another section like the one of Trading point or Donations.


For example: A user who has just completed the posting of a real estate ad, the website will ask whether this ad can be posted at the property share section. If the answer is YES then the respective form will come up and the user will fill in all necessary fields. Therefore his/her ad will have the possibility to be exposed twice in the search results; one for real-estate searches and one for property share. In addition in the detail page of each ad there will be a link which by clicking it will lead the interested person to other related ads of the user. Therefore by accessing one ad the interested visitors will have the opportunity to see what else this particular user has posted in the website for the other sections as well.


The same principle lies for Trading point and Donations. All ads of the user are linked (as long as he/she has linked all his/her ads with the different sections).

17.  Which will be my benefits of connecting ads? (go to top)      

  1. All your ads for different sections are interlinked in the website, so for instance if someone is looking in the detail page of one of your ads then at the end of this page he/she can see that you have other ads as well.
  2. Especially for the real-estate and property share sections, you have the possibility to advertise your property twice in two different sections of the website
  3. With one stop, you could post ads for everything you would like to rent/sell/barter by saving time and again by giving the possibility to anyone to access all your ads just by clicking one of them.

18.  Why should I choose this website for posting my ads? (go to top

This website contains a package of services that is not common in the existing website platforms. More precisely, it contains:

1.Search for free in all sections of the website (real estate, property share -flatmates, professionals-, items/services and donations)

2.Simple and advanced search for all the search engines in the website for free.

3.The search area can be expanded or narrowed at any time by the vertical search filter

4.Posting of ads for real estate, property share (flatmates, professionals) and items/services is for free.

5.A number of criteria to classify your ads in the best and the most complete way. For example the real estate section has around 60 criteria.

6.This website has four very interesting and interlinked domains (real estate, property share, trading point and donations) making it very popular and at the same time your ads are exposed to more users who might be interested in what you advertise

7.People from other countries can access your ads; this could be interesting for areas where people from different countries would like to purchase a summer property or rent real estate in general. 

8.In addition students in exchange university programs or young foreign professionals might be interested in sharing a flat in your area or look for another professional to share professional space.

9.All the posted ads are automatically translated to 5 languages (English, Greek,  French, Dutch and Russian)

10.There is always indication for the location of the object of each ad either the precise address or a circular range around it (depending on the choice of the advertiser

11.The country database is very detailed and up-to-date which makes searches and ad posting as precise as possible i.e. the Greek regional database contains almost 6,300 town and cities for all Greece.

12.You are able to access all your ads just by logging in once and in this way you can:

  • manage your profile easily,
  • manage your ads,
  • follow specific ads,
  • save searches
  • set up sms/email alerts for different ads and searches,
  • make counter-offers for any ad you think that you can bargain or you think that it is overpriced
  • send us your feedback
  1. You have your ads posted within 24 hours
  2. At the search engine you have the option to search by pointing different locations in the area of interest on a map
  3. In addition you can access any ad just by typing its id number
  4. In case a function is not clear to understand, there is always a help tag available next to any features of the website.
  5. In case a user does not want to disclose some personal information such name or address, he/she has the option to show or not show this information in the contact page of the ad. Then the communication between an interested user can be done simply via the email form of the website
  6. At the website it is required to indicate the location of the object of the ads i.e. a flat. However, the user has the option to choose or not whether he wishes to show the exact address of the property or just a circle on a map.
  7. To this extent a user who searches for example a property will always have an idea where this property is located in a precise or not way.
  8. There are ads with the tag “New”, which refer to ads posted in less than 2 weeks time.
  9. It is an easy and a secure website which everyone can use
  10. There are NOT any hidden charges of intemediation and all communication between user and ads owners take place directly without the intervention of our website.
  11. You can contact us any time if you wish to ask us questions and clarifications.
  12. The team of this website is dedicated to provide the best services to you!


19.  What if I do not wish to show the address of the object of the ad? (go to top

In this case, you just need to click at the check box next to the location and there will be circle around the specified location.


20.  Which are the steps of posting an ad at your website? (go to top


  • Log in or register (if you are a new user)
  • Fill in the information about your ad.
  • Load your pictures
  • Link your ads with other sections of the website, if you wish
  • Add more ads, if you wish
  • In case you have selected some paid services, proceed to payment at PAYPAL’s
  • Click on “Place your ad”
  • Get a confirmation of your ad when it is posted and receive an electronic  
    receipt/ invoice of any payments made
  • Receive confirmation when your ad is posted.


21.  How can I maximize my chances of finding someone interested in my ads? (go to top

  • The best approach is to submit as many details as possible so that your ads will be clear and draw the attention to anyone searching using a number of criteria.
  • Upload as many pictures as you can
  • Upload a video
  • Link your ads with other sections, for example if you have a property for rent and it can be used either for flatmates or for professional sharing then just click at the respective options and fill in the remaining forms.
  • Keep the same principle with the other services of the website like trading point where you can place ads and then at the detail page of your posted ads, they can see which other ads you have online.
  • Use the additional formatting options like bold or frame or colored background in order to make your ads out-standing.
  • Be patient and persistent
  • Answer to any requests you have from interested persons
  • Fill in true and up-to-date information and give as much details as you can.
  • Organize scheduled open days for anything you advertise i.e. property.


22.  Should I take seriously all the questions I receive from different users? (go to top

Yes, but you should be extremely cautious to whoever you give your personal information.

This website is public, so all people can access it and therefore you should be very careful how to handle unknown people especially when you arrange to meet with them.

23.  How can get an update of the change in the price? (go to top

YES. You can click on the link “Update me for this ad” of the posted ad. By clicking this then you will have the option to get email and/or sms alerts for free for any change in the prices of this ad.

24.  Is there any way that I can propose a counter-offer for an ad? (go to top

YES. You can click on the link “Make counter-offer” of the posted ad. In this way, the website will send an email to the user that you have made a counter-offer for his/her ad.

25.  If I make a counter-offer will I be able to see there was new and better one from another  user?  (go to top

If another user make a better “counter-offer” than yours you will be notified. However, none of the counter-offering users will know about each other or about the counter-offers.

26.  How can I get in touch with the users for their ads? (go to top

By using the contact details they chose to show at the ads contact page or simply via the contact form of our website.




27.  If I just want to use the search engine, is it required registering myself? (go to top

NO, the registration to our website is not compulsory. If you just use the search engine, you can find anything you look for without any registration. In case you are interested in the object of the ad then you can easily contact directly the advertiser to ask further details without being obliged to be registered.

However, a registration to our website is recommended to you for a number of reasons, having as bottom-line the faster browsing at the website every time you use it and the access to its great spectrum of services.

28.  Which are the benefits of my registration to your website? (go to top

The registration to our website is not necessary if the only use you wish to do is to search.

However, the registration confirms the identity of a user. If someone places an ad then it is necessary that the website stores some personal data in order to confirm the identity of this person for security purposes.

In addition the registration to the website provides to its users a number of free services tailored to their personal needs.

More precisely, the registration to our website offers the possibility to:

  1. Place ads
  2. Create and manage your profile
  3. Manage your posted ads for all the types (real estate, property share, trading point, donations)
  4. Access your searches that you saved according to your personal needs
  5. Make counter-offers for ads that you think that you can bargain or you think that they are overpriced.
  6. Receive sms and/ or email alerts
  7. Link all your ads from the different sections together


29.  Is the registration to the website free? (go to top


YES, it is free of charge for everyone.

30.  How much of personal information I need to provide you in order to create a profile? (go to top

At the registration form you are prompted to give the following information

i)                    your first and last name

ii)                  your gender

iii)                your date of birth

iv)                a valid email address.

v)                  your professional status

Of course, if you wish to give more information like your address, phone numbers etc, it will make you more accessible to persons that would like to contact you concerning your ads.

For the professionals (real estate agents, notaries, constructors) these additional pieces of information together with the information related to their VAT registration are important for confirming their professional status in case they would like to show their details online and also be part of our partnership programme. It is also important for payments and invoicing.

31.  What if I forget my password? (go to top

You write to us at admin@you-ad.com and then we send you a new email for activating the new password.


Costs and payments


32.  Are there any costs (direct / indirect) for searching and posting ads? (go to top

NO. There are not any hidden costs for the use of the website.
-Everyone can search for free anything he/she desires. 

-Everyone can register and post as many ads as he/she wishes for free.


33.  Can you explain what does “paid services” mean? (go to top

Our website gives you the option to make your ads more marketable by adding some extra features and paying the respective fees i.e. bold, frame, video, be posted on featured ad area, sms alerts. However, these costs are not obligatory.

In addition, if a professional would like to make visible his/her name/logo/contact details, he/she should pay a little amount for this advertising option. 

34.  How the website makes sure that the process of payment is secure? (go to top

A user should be assured that the payment platform we use (PAYPAL) is one of the best and the most used in the world over the years.

The chances of fraud are trivial!

35.  Which are the payment options for the paid services? (go to top

PAYPAL gives you the option to use credit, prepaid credit card (debit card).

Additionally bank transfer is another option but the approval of the posted ads will take place when the bank transferred is confirmed (normally it takes 2 working days).

36.  Will you send me a receipt or invoice? (go to top

If you are a private person a receipt will be sent to your email. 

If you are professional an electronic invoice will be sent to you by email demonstrating all necessary accounting references like the company name, date of invoicing, VAT number, and company-billing address.

  Invoicing for EU or non EU based businesses

37.  Which professionals, who are based in EU, have VAT exemption due to intra-community transactions?  (go to top

Those professionals who have been cross-checked by our system that their Company registration  (VAT number)that is submitted to the central European authority is valid. The official website for this is: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/vieshome.do?selectedLanguage=EN.

So any time all companies which are based in a different EU country other than Belgium and their company registration number is found via the use of the above website then they get VAT exemption of 21%.

38.  Do the professionals, who are based in a non EU state, get VAT exemption? (go to top

YES, they get VAT exemption as long as they send to us evidence of their operations in the country they are based in.

We proceed to the ad posting of these cases only when we have proof that the professionals are real ones and based in the location they declare during their registration at the website otherwise the 21% VAT is applicable.


39.  What happens when a professional who is based in a non-EU country, has not sent yet the evidence of his/her company existence? (go to top

If there is not yet any confirmation that the submitted to the registration form details of the professional are true then we give the option to him/her to send the required evidence  without approving his/her ads temporarily for posting to the website or we approve the ads but we send to him/her invoice including 21% VAT.

40.  Are there any disadvantages due to the fact that the website is based in Belgium? (go to top


There is not any consequence neither in the performance of the website nor at the information stored at its servers.


Privacy policy

41.  How do you treat my personal data? (go to top

The website fully respects the personal data of all its users. Therefore, this information is considered as confidential and there is not any intention that this information will be distributed or be shared with any third parties.

The principle of the website is the service of our users and the respect of any submitted information by them. For more information on privacy policy please click at the following link…

42.  Is my personal information going to be exposed to everyone? (go to top

 NO. The treatment of personal information is a very serious and sensitive issue for us, therefore our policy is to prompt you to choose whether your personal information would like to be visible to everyone anytime you post your ads. You might choose to show only your phone number or only your email address or your name or nothing or all.

If you choose not to disclose any of your personal information, then you will be contacted only by an email to you sent via our system.

So your privacy is fully respected. Please read more at the terms of use and privacy policy sections.

43.  Is my personal information sold or shared with third parties? (go to top

NO. We fully respect your personal information and we never provide to any third parties this data related to you. Please also read our terms of use and privacy policy.

Does the website store any payment information submitted by its users? (go to top


NO. In case of the selection of paid services the payment takes place at the worldwide and most reliable payment platform of PAYPAL. All the payment details submitted by the users are done via the PAYPAL website and therefore none of the payment details are known or stored at the servers of the website.